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The holiday season is upon us! Now is the time for holiday parties, seasonal networking events and catching up with old and new friends. The holidays present many different options for networking, and business cards are always a part of that. In addition to distributing business cards at events, they can also be sent through the mail. Take the time to send clients, staff members and business contacts that are near and dear to your heart a personalized note this holiday and remember to attach a business card to the note.

Personalized greetings are tangible and are a rarity in our current world, much like the business card. They show that you care and put in time and effort instead of sending a general holiday email blast or text message.

When sending a personalized card, there are two options to consider.

1.     A Greeting Card

This is the chance to write a special message to those you care about and drop it in the mail. Send this card to all associates, friends and family as a small hello and warm wish. When sending to your business contacts, make sure to drop a trusty business card in this note to remind them of your services and contact information. This just may be the subtle follow up that was needed to unlock a hidden opportunity.

2.     An Invitation Card

Having a holiday party to thank staff or clients? It’s time to send out an invitation with all of the event details. When sending out invitations make sure to attach a business card as a friendly reminder of your services. This way individuals know whom the invitation is from and are reminded of the value of your business.

When designing both invitations and business cards always keep quality in mind. It is your goal to impress the person on the receiving end, and by sending a valuable piece, you will do just that. With all of the social interaction taking place at this time of the year, make yourself stand out.

 Happy Holidays!


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A Networker’s Guide to the Holidays
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