Here is a business card item I really love. It is an 8 ½ x 11 inch clear acrylic sign holder with a business card holder built into the lower left corner. These are available from multiple sources online see,  but I have purchased them locally at Office Depot.


Biz Card Sign HolderThis is why I really love this item. First of all you can use a standard catalog page or sell sheet as the sign or primary message. If you do not have a catalog page or sell sheet you can create something in your favorite DTP program. The advertising medium is slipped through a slot on the side that sandwiches the sign and holds it in place. This is all pretty standard so far. The part I love is the built-in business card holder – – that’s because standard sign holders require that the reader of your message remember the pertinent information or have the presence of mind to make a note. This sign with the business card holder means you can make your business card available, thus drastically improving the possibility of a prospective client taking action.


The clear acrylic will make your signage look glossy and great. However these are a bit pricey at just under ten bucks. So you might want to restrict their use in public to a place that is monitored to some degree because it is just too tempting to some inscrutable individuals who would consider converting your message carrier to their own use.

Action Packed Sign Holder

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