I have accepted an additional challenge to write ten blog posts in seven days which should not be too difficult since I am in the midst of my personal challenge to meet one hundred new people in the course of the next fifty days and I will be blogging about that. Wow! How is that for a run on sentence? Today is Saturday and I am finishing up some work that has been delayed due to the fact that I have added a new computer this week and I am still not finished moving files, adding software etceteras. The end result of the project will be better video productions for my clients and quicker rendering and processor time for me.

The two video productions I am finishing include the last of a three video contract I am doing for Performance Chemical Supply Company. They are distributors of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products. If you have a restaurant, hotel, school, condo building or large facility take at look at what they offer.

 The other video is a book video trailer for a suspense novel called “Dereliction of Duty” you will be able to view the video in the next day or two at AuthorsBroadcast.com .

I cannot report that I have met anyone new today as I have not even ventured outside. But the day is not over and I have one one-on-one appointment scheduled and two events I will be attending this coming week. So stay with me.

Additional Challenge

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