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I have been amazed over the years to find that a seemingly small percentage of visual artists include a photo of their work on their business cards. Just as a photo of a person might jog our memory when we see the person’s face, so too can a sample of an artist’s work. Artists tend to have an identifiable style that is as unique as a person’s face and seeing a sample of their work will most certainly remind you who that artist is and remind you of the encounter you might have had with him or her perhaps at a gallery or art show.  

I recently met artist/photographer Maude Metcalf at a networking event where her photos were on display. First of all I was impressed with Maude’s stunning close-up flower photography. The result of her technique is sensual, abstract and simply beautiful. Secondly I was impressed that Maude had the good sense to include a sample photo on her business card. For those of us who have seen Maude’s work in person it is a reminder of whose card we have in our possession; and for those who have not had the pleasure of seeing her full sized work, I believe the sample is thought provoking and intriguing.Her business card is simple glossy white stock which is a good choice for showcasing her photo. The photo she chose has an otherworldly quality that makes you want to know more about this artist and her work. Maude’s website is which is presented on her card as With my eyesight being what it is it took me a while to figure out that this URL has a double LL. I recommend to Maude in her next reprint to consider making the type on the URL larger or emphasizing the letters as I have done above so that the company name and web address is easier to read. I like that she included a tagline Lasting memories for any occasion as it helps readers to understand a little bit about what she provides. Though I think with a little work she can come up with a better tagline that captures the unique quality of her work. Overall this is a simple effective business card that is moving in the right direction.

Check out more of Maude’s work at .



Artistic Photo Business Card
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