Movie PosterThis weekend I viewed a wonderful documentary at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago. The film “Not Your Typical Big Foot Movie” was sensitively directed and produced by my friend Jay Delaney who follows the real life quixotic adventures of two determined and devoted Bigfoot researches as they survey the National Forests of southern Ohio and Tennessee in search of the ellusive creature.

In the Q&A presentation after the movie I learned that Jay came to know about the Bigfoot adventurers when a banker friendĀ in the town of Portsmouth, Ohio happened to tell him about a guy who had come into the bank talking about hisĀ search for Bigfoot and left behind his business card identifying the “Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club.” Armed with an intriguing story and a business card Jay began his search which led him to the research partners Dallas and Wayne.

Since this is a business card related blog, I loved the story. It just goes to show, you do not know where your business card might travel. Perhaps someone will be interested enough in your life’s journey to produce a documentary.

Look for the DVD sometime in June or July 2009 or at a film festival near you.


Bigfoot Business Card

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