Turn Your
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Reno Lovison

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Be Carefull of Titles on Your Business Card

Do you have a title on your business card such as President, Owner, CEO or something else? In many instances titles are important because they indicate to the recipient what authority you have to represent the company. If you are a Sales Representative you probably have less authority than a Sales Manager or the Director of Sales. But that’s okay because it all depends on how complicated an agreement you are entering into. As agreements get larger in scope or outside the general norm of doing business the prospective buyer might want assurances that he or she is dealing with a person who has the authority to speak on behalf of the company.

Here are a few titles from business cards on my desk :

Business Relations Specialist


Author, Musician

Director of Recruiting, Training & Development


Retail Sales Consultant


Branch Manager


Chief Innovative Advocate

Executive Coach

Financial Representative




Certified Personal Trainer

In the case of sole proprietors and new start-up with less than 100 employees the title CEO may seem a bit overstated even pretentious. Perhaps consider President if you are indeed the corporate president. Otherwise consider Owner. If you do not have a board of directors with an number of other “officers”, then the term CEO means little and can look a little “wannabe”. My core business is web video production so even though I am the owner I have opted for Executive Producer because it sound sufficiently “in-charge” and has a nice video “flair”.

In short think about the title you choose for yourself. It should indicate to people you work with that you have authority without sounding too grandiose.

For more information here is an interesting article on the subject.

Business Networking at the Roots Room in Chicago

Highlights of a recent Business Card to Business Networking Event at the Roots Room Artist Development Center in Chicago.  Moderated by Reno Lovison with hosts Stann Champion and Tommy Love who provides a short tutorial on microphone technique for public speakers. Meet our networkers in person by signing up at http://meetup.com/businesscardtobusiness be sure to not the location for the event you plan to attend.


Grow Your Business Network

What’s in your wallet?

What is the most valuable thing in your wallet?

Is Chen’s Business Card Going too Far?

Guangbiao Chen is a bona fide  Chinese business tycoon and purported to be one of the wealthiest men in China. In fact he is trying to get investors to help him purchase the New York Times.  Chen has garnered a lot of attention for his unusual business card that proclaims him as “Most Influential Person in China”, “China Moral Leader” and “Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China” to name a few.  As a kind of after thought he mentions the fact that he is CEO of Recyclable Material Salvage & Reclamation Corporation from where he derives his wealth.

His card has been declaimed and derided by many as blustering and obnoxious but I think it begs the question: What does your card say about you?  How do you want to be perceived? Is he too aggressive? Are you aggressive enough?

Chen obviously has a strong self image. Maybe he goes too far. Maybe some of this is lost in translation. But the truth is most of us do not even try. Food for thought.


guangbiao chen business card

Referral and Networking App

Our new referral and networking mobile app has been submitted for approval and is  available for download here . Check it out and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions to make this better or more useful to you. From the provided link you can download the app on to your smartphone or scan the QR code to load it. From here you can check out our videos, read our blog and get up-to-date networking information. Get it now! It’s Free


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Networking Book Included DIY Marketing Package

We are happy to announce that our popular business networking book has been included in a new Do-It-Yourself marketing package.

Refer-Alls is a manufacturer and distributor who offer a magnetic product that allows business owners to quickly and easily turn their paper business card into a magnetic business card. You just peel and stick.  This is a perfect option for businesses that need a small quantity of magnetic cards quickly.

We created a special revised edition of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” to be offered in this unique package.  The book is presented as at DIY marketing guide that will help small business owners, contractors, and local service providers network more effectively, generate more referrals, and remain top of mind with potential customers and clients.

Currently this unique package is being offered exclusively to retailers. For more information contact Refer-Alls, Inc.


Google Hover Cards


Thanks to my friend Carolyn Howard Johnson who posted this information about How to Create a Google Hover Card on LinkedIn.com today.  Rather than just repeat the information I have provided a link here to a very thorough explanation as well as a screen shot showing my new Google Hover Card.  I understand that business cards are changing and transitioning but in my opinion it does not negate the need or usefulness of a traditional business card.  As entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners we need to be in the position to transfer or transmit our contact information  in whatever way is the most convenient form for our prospective clients or customers. Missing this step means missing a potential opportunity to create a new important business relationship. So do this now and position yourself to “Turn Your Business Card Into Business.”

Speed Networking Members Say Hello and Show their Business Cards

Here are a few folks I met at a recent business speed networking group in Chicago.


Tribe Building and Crowd Funding

bigstock-Bread-2988149 I was inspired by a video comment from Dr. Lititia Wright referencing tribe building in regard to crowd funding.  The fallacy regarding crowd funding is that there are bunches of people looking to give away their money  to you.  When in fact most of your funding will come from your “tribe”. That is your fans who want to support what you are doing plus maybe a few folks who are looking for interesting new products and services they want to get involved with.

Every entrepreneur feels they have the hottest new thing that everyone needs to have. But keep in mind that “sliced bread” became popular because it was difficult to slice nice even pieces by yourself. Pre-sliced bread was revolutionary and it solved a problem. So if you think you have the ‘best thing since sliced bread” ask yourself, “Does this solve a problem for every person or at least every family in the modern civilized world?” If so then you might be on to something. If you are somewhat short of that goal then you need to do some serious tribe building.

Building your tribe begins with networking so build your network and increase your tribe and your sphere of influence.