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Expert Advice Hatching Your Million Dollar Business?

Do you have a new business idea? Are you planning to start a new business?

If so be sure to take a look at this book by Dan Tepke former Associate Dean of the University of Chicago School of Business who walks you through the ins and outs of “Hatching Your Million Dollar Business”.

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3 Ways a Quality Business Card Can Help You Win the First Impression

business card swapFirst impressions mean everything and in our competitive and fast-paced world, we do not often get a second chance to make an impression on a potential business partner or contact. A first meeting typically occurs at industry and networking events, times when it is crucial to have a quality business card on hand. Here are three ways that having a card can help you walk away successfully:

 1. Aesthetic Appeal

When handing out businesses cards, the more attractive and creative designs will most likely get the follow up. Think about it this way, if there is a pile of cards that someone needs to go through, which will they select? It will most likely be the card that stands above the others.

In addition to this, cards that are aesthetically appealing are also more likely to serve as conversation starters. This is a great way to strike up a discussion with your new acquaintance about a certain aspect of business.

2. Respect

If a company invests in quality business cards, they are also investing in their employees and resources. This has an extremely positive first impression on peers and potential partners. They know that if they are going to do business with you, it will be worth the investment.

3. Knowledge

A quality business card should have all of your contact information and important company contact material including website and social media links. This allows contacts to visit these destinations and see your expertise and background. Being knowledgeable leads to a positive first impression because people are more likely to trust your feedback since they know it is coming from a reputable source.

Business cards are the one aspect of your marketing material that should not be taken lightly. In order to win a positive first impression and be successful at networking events, quality counts, and that is the bottom line.


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A Marketing Must: How to Build Your Professional Brand with Business Cards

Building a brand is everything, in today’s business environment and this effort requires time and consistency in order to achieve the best results. One of the best ways to build a brand is with business cards.

Business cards are a creative way to share contact information and to showcase who you are and why your services are unique in comparison to your competitors. Almost all professionals have a handy pack of business cards present when building their brand at industry events, but how do you make cards that stand out against the others? When it comes to business cards there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. For example, graphic designers have a far different brand to build than accountants or real estate agents. Therefore, the business cards of graphic designers should be far different from those of accountants or agents.

So Where Do We Begin?




Creative Services

The design and communications industry is known for having some of the most innovative business professionals around to spawn the next big idea. This particular industry is focused on connection, creativity and products that are aesthetically appealing. Crafting a business card that matches this theme is crucial. When pondering what to feature on one of these business cards, it is essential to consider font, color and spacing.

Professional Services

In comparison to the design and communications industry, the professional services industry with individuals such as accountants or lawyers often times requires a more subtle business card to get the job done. For this industry, individuals often stick with dark colors such as grey or black against a neutral background. However, there are instances where color and design play a role with these cards as pictured below.




Service Sector

For those who work in the service industry, it is recommended that elements such as the shape of the card should be considered when crafting the perfect design. If you are a stylist, use scissors or a hairdryer as the shape for your card. If you are a clown include pictures of balloons and use bright colors, and if you are a party planner make your cards in the shape of invitations.


Bottom Line

Think of business cards like a cover letter. This is your window to show personality and create a lasting impression on the contact that matters most. The more business cards you hand out, the more potential clients, partners and industry contacts will be aware of your services and, more importantly, your brand.



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Retail Marketing – Service vs Commodity Selling – Podcast



Resist commodity selling.  Embrace service as a differentiating marketing strategy.

To listen to PODCAST click the PLAY BUTTON below.

Chicago Business Card to Business Networking Meetup | October 2014 Meeting |

Take a look at the video highlights of the October Chicago Business Card to Business Meetup. Since it was so close to Halloween we decided it would be fun to share business horror stories. We have all had things happen to us in business that were scary, mortifying or downright horrific. What a great topic. It was a perfect topic for a few good laughs and chance to unload some bad memories. Too bad you missed some of the really good stuff. But be sure to RSVP and join up if you are in Chicago or passing through anytime during the last Tuesday of any month. This it the perfect event for meeting other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, learning from each other and growing your business.  We meet at the Roots Room just off the corner of Foster and Kimball on the north side of Chicago. Easy access by Brownline elevated, Kimball & Foster Bus and plenty of  free street parking.

The networking group is organized by Reno Lovison. Author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” and online web video producer.

Chicago Business Networking Meeting | Business Card to Business | September 2014 | Marketing Tips

At this gathering of the Business Card to Business monthly networking group we shared marketing tips.

Take a look at this short video highlights excerpt to see who you missed, then plan to join us when you are in Chicago on the last Tuesday of every month.

You can join up and RSVP at Business Card to Business Chicago Networking Meetup

Meeting takes place at the Roots Room on Chicago’s north side near Foster & Kimball.

Excerpt from Chicago Networking Meetup

This is a perfect way to meet other entrepreneurs and grow your business.

allBcards’ Complete Guide to Business Cards


book cover

First of all, I would like to thank Reno for giving me this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on business cards. When months ago I decided to write a free eBook to promote my online business card management system, I knew Reno’s book was the model I wanted to follow. I just wanted my eBook to complement his. My intention was to include easy to implement business card tips, while at the same time providing insightful and unique information.

The eBook is divided in five parts: importance of business cards today, content, design, printing, and distribution. Each part contains a number of detailed articles (35 in total) devoted to topics you might need help with: names on business cards, company’s taglines, calls-to-action, social media icons, colors, shapes, alternative materials, paper stock, online printing companies, free business cards, distribution strategies, and many more.

The eBook is free to download for people who sign up to allBcards web services, but readers of Reno’s blog can get it free. You can also read it online.

If you want to manage your business cards online, you might want to try allBcards.com (as I said, sign up is free).

Finally, if you find the guide helpful, I would really appreciate if you share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any suggestion or feedback, send me an email to oswaldo@allbcards.com. I would love to know what you think about the guide and the website.

—Oswaldo Zapata
Founder of allBcards

August Business Card to Business Networking Meetup in Chicago | Roots Room

Video highlights of August Business Card to Business networking meeting at the Roots Room in Chicago. The topic this month was technology and how we use it in our business and/or personal life.  This video is a ten minute sample showcasing some of the people who attended and participated.  To learn more about the group and join us when you are in Chicago go to http://meetup.com/businesscardtobusiness . 

We meet the last Tuesday of every month. Everyone is given an opportunity to say who they are and share in the discussion. The Roots Room is located near NEIU and Northpark University just off the northeast corner of Foster and Kimball. Reno Lovison is the organizer. Thanks to Stann Champion for providing the space. Food is available from Merla’s Kitchen next door.

July 2014 Meetup at the Roots Room | Discussion Topic “Health & Wellness Related to Business”

At this month’s Business Card to Business Networking Meetup Group we discussed the importance of heath, wellness and well being as it relates to business and entrepreneurs. The topic sparked a lively discussion in which everyone participated. Reno Lovison is the host and group organizer.  Judy Sachs of World Wide Wellness kicked off the discussion and provided coffee and tea.

The group meets from 6PM to 8PM the last Tuesday of every month at the Roots Room, an artist development center near Foster and Kimball on Chicago’s northside. It is conveniently located between North Park College  and North Eastern Illinois University. Public transportation is available by bus on Foster Avenue and Kimball or via the Brown Line Kimball stop. If you are interested to join us please register and RSVP at http://meetup.com/businesscardtobusiness.

We  have open networking at the beginning and end of the meeting before and after the general discussion during which attendees are invited to say who they are, what they do and contribute to the discussion topic. This format insures that every one is heard and members get to know each other better which forges stronger alliances and deeper connections. Here is a 10 minute edited video highlights from this month’s meeting.

Dip Into the SHARK TANK

Lobc2b-meetupoking for investment capital? Are you thinking about borrowing money to grow your business? Do you have money to invest and are looking for the right opportunity?

The Roots Room at 5203 N Kimball in Chicago is the new venue for the “Business Card to Business Networking Group” meeting the Last Tuesday of Every Month.

This month’s presenter ( June 24th at 6PM) is serial entrepreneur investor Bob Calvin who will provide a glimpse into the “Shark Tank”  providing insights into what investors and money lenders want to know about you and your business venture.

Bob Calvin is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business teaching a number of courses on entrepreneurship topics. He has been an investor in many successful and unsuccessful business and will share his experiences and advice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet a shark without getting wet. RSVP at http://meetup.com/businesscardtobusiness or just stop by.

Grow your business by growing your network. Discuss ideas in an open forum with experienced business people and entrepreneurs. The Roots Room is a local artist development center providing a venue for creative and intellectual expression.  We encourage a minimum $3.00 donation per meeting to help defray expenses related to using the venue.