Brian TracyRenowned business coach author and writer Brian Tracy was in Chicago yesterday promoting his new venture  I had the opportunity to attend an intimate gathering with him and 35 or so fellow entrepreneurs at Ann Sather’s Restaurant that included our host, branding expert Tom Gosche as well as author of Attraction Power, Robert Lee Richfield; Lennie Rose, CEO of; and the always affable and turbo charged trainer “Jimmy Z” Zawiski. Brian Tracy said he loved the title of my book “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” and commented that a good book title should always begin with an imperative, as mine does. We had many good conversations and made some excellent connections proving once again that getting out and meeting people face-to-face is a valuable part of growing your business.


Business Card arrayBrian Tracy’s business card is a green and black full bleed with a metallic colored gold graphic that identifies him as a founding member of iLG his title is Chief Learning Officer. Lennie’s BigOoga card is a glossy pink fold over, while Jimmy Z’s card sports crossed checker flags driving home his face paced trade marked message “Accelerate Your Thinking.” Incidentally each of these cards had information on the reverse side for those of you who are debating whether this is a good tactic or not. Personally in my judgment it is up to the individual. If you have information you want to share, you own that bit of space. Why not make use of it?


The photo of Brian Tracy is compliments of Bart Ratcliff of who was on hand and acted as official photographer. I must admit I cropped myself out of the photo because I had a rough night and even though he has a few years on me Mr. Tracy is much more attractive.


Who did you share business cards with this week?


Brian Tracy Network Event

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