The title is not an error. Your business card can now be reproduced in delicious chocolate. What new prospect or client would not enjoy a piece of chocolate as a “Thank You” or welcome gift? How about Welcome to Our Team, We Love Our Customers, or any such statement? Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food traditionally used to celebrate, console and reward. Why not use those opportunities to give someone one of your chocolate business cards.

chocolate-card-gold-boxChocolate Graphics  with world wide distribution points is one company that can make your chocolate business card a reality. The company was created in 1988, but it was not until July of 1999 when John Taylor, an international businessman bought the rights to the company, that the patents and ultimate manufacture took place. Taylor outfitted the company with state-of-the-art computerized laser machinery capable of producing 18,000 pieces of a variety of chocolates per day. Chocolate Graphis now has the technological capabilities of reproducing photographic as well as three dimensional images on chocolate. This is the perfect way to “Put your name on everyone’s lips!”  They can print virtually whatever you want on chocolate. Also if you happen to be looking for a business opportunity, Chocolate Graphics has international franchises available.

Chocolate Business Card Example
Chocolate Business Card Example

Chocolate is considered to some people to be the elixir of life. Very few people will refuse the luscious treat.”  If you thank or welcome a new client with a facsimile of your business card reproduced in chocolate you will be remembered. Your chocolate business card can be made to look exactly like your printed business card including your logo or picture. In this challenging business climate now is the time to be not only creative but original in order to acquire new business as well as keep current business.   

If you have a “Staff Member of the Month” recognition contest, the chocolate business cards are a great way to remember that employee. Chocolate is a fun way to say anything you have to say, to anyone you have to say it to. 

chocolate-card-dentist-boxAs always your business card represents you and carries the message and image of your company along with your important contact information. It is not intended to be kept forever. The important goal is that you make a favorable impression that will encourage the recipient to want to do business with you or learn more about your company. Once that goal is achieved why shouldn’t they eat your card? Chocolate business cards are the ultimate recyclable business card and yummy too. 

White Chocolate Business Card in Fancy Gift Box
White Chocolate Business Card in Fancy Gift Box

Business Cards Good Enough To Eat
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