Today I attended a networking event for users of Word Press which is the very blogging application I am using to write this blog and you are using to read it. Word Press is open source and pretty robust. I have seen people do a lot of cool stuff with it – – none of which I am currently doing. So I availed myself of the opportunity to meet with The Chicago Word Press Enthusiasts Meetup Group which has 60+ members willing to share their knowledge and experience with one another for the purpose of making the world better (or at least Chicago) through improved Word Press blogging. Power to the peeps!!

Thanks to Edmund Dante Hamilton and Bruce Montgomery for putting the group together. Also a shout out to Bill, Rey,Daniel, and Kit who attended the informal gathering at Starbucks on South Halsted and shared valuable ideas and insights.

I hope in the coming months you will see an improved and stylishly updated version of this blog. Check back often.

Chicago Word Press Enthusiasts Unite

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