Today I met with the Arlington Heights “Connectors” in you guessed it Arlington Heights, IL, thanks to an invitation from my Blitztime buddy and SOC distributor Bob Prehn. What I know about connectors is, it was conceived of, I believe, by a woman named Fena who greeted me warmly when I arrived, though if she has another business I am not sure what it is as I did not get her business card. Same for the fellow name John who is the coordinator of this particular Arlington Heights Connectors group. I think I heard in the introductions that he is involved in financial services. Nice people. It is possible that another person named Tom might also be involved in the structure of the group but Tom only introduced himself as Tom so I am not sure what he does either so can’t give much of a shout out to him. I did gather from the conversations that the hope is to expand their “Connectors” brand regionally and beyond. So look for a Connectors Group coming soon near you.

To that end I encountered another networking buddy, financial advisor and Charter Member of our Business Card to Business Meetup Jeffery Harris who will soon be starting a Connectors Chapter in Oak Park, IL so if you are in that area keep an eye out for that networking opportunity. I also spotted my buddy Denise Netzel of Trend also a member of the Business Card to Business Meetup but we did not get a chance to speak.  

connectorsMy new encounters included Ken Monroe of Display Signs and Designs who produces all manner of signage whether for Trade Shows, retail, indoor or outdoor signs, banners, large size, small size, one or one hundred. Whatever your sign needs Ken and Company will get ‘er done. Ken immediately invited me to call him today about the possibility of producing a short video featuring some examples of his work. After all it would be much easier if you could just take 30 seconds or a minute to look at what he does rather than trying to understand what he has to offer based on my typed narrative, after all a picture is worth a thousand words. You can quote me on that.

Speaking of the value of illustrated thought, I also met Ms. Elle Litwinetz provider of graphic design. Elle can help you with your branding package or the creation of any of your visual print or other graphic communication needs. A native of Maine she has washed ashore in the Midwest. I asked if she was familiar with Door County Wisconsin as people often equate the Peninsula’s nautical environs with that of Maine. Elle agreed that she had visited and that it was much like home. Those of you who are not familiar with this quaint get-a-way destination about 3.5 hours north of Chicago should take a look at where you can also enjoy a number of videos produced by me featuring the area and several of the area’s bed & breakfasts and resorts.

Since we are on a graphic theme today Hilary Schultz presented herself and her business card to me which features the intriguing words, Sort it – Scrap it – Click it – Slide it – Love it – Give it. Hillary represents Creative Memories which will as I understand it, arrange your visual material into a bound printed glossy paged book, that can be used to preserve memories and printed one-off as a keepsake or printed in quantity to be shared with a group such as your family, club, school, business or whatever. Nice idea!

The speaker of the day was Laurie Huspen President of  Valuable Resources, Co.  providing Human Resource Solutions for small and midsized companies who perhaps cannot afford a full time HR person of their own, or can benefit from some outside evaluation of their HR practices. Laurie who has a strong HR background tells a touching and compelling personal story in her presentation that illustrates why it is important to have a good PR strategy in your business. Not only to protect yourself, but also to actively demonstrate that you realize companies are made of real people; with real lives; and real concerns who are also, as her company name implies, Valuable Resources. Laurie is the author of Unveiled which documents her personal experiences as an employee with health issues from the perspective of a human resources professional. I will be suggesting that Laurie take a look at Engaging Speakers group that I blogged about earlier.

Thanks to those who took a moment to reach out and say hello and share a little of themselves with me today. Remember business cards are cheap. It is not about the ones that are thrown away – but about the ones that are kept. Meet someone today and seal the deal with a business card. I have met 42 new people in 23 days and blogged about them here.

Connectors is About Networking
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