In two days it will be officially DAY 70 of the 100 day challenge however we decided to have our check-in meeting last night in conjunction with our Business Card to Business Networking Group.  We had a good meeting with each person sharing a little about themselves and their business. Bernie reported that he is doing well with the challenge and thankful that it has coxed him out of his comfort zone and has resulted in identifying two new investors who have partnered with him on two Real Estate deals. John reports that he has picked up two new clients as a result of the challenge.

I’ve been out of town for ten days but since I was ahead of the average when I left, I face Day 68 with exactly 68 contacts to my credit. I was in Baltimore representing a client where I made a number of new acquaintances but since I was not there promoting myself and my business I am not counting them as part of my personal network.

At the meetup we met Daylin Salcedo who represents J.Toor, a men’s custom clothing company on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. She was accompanied by her brother Carlos who was interested and inspired to hear everyone’s entrepreneurial stories.

Continue to follow this space to learn more about the 100 Day Challenge as it progresses. There are still 30 good days left which is enough to meet 25 or 50 new people and expand your personal network.

Day 68 of 100 Day Challenge
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