Here are two sides of a business card I received from a Domino’s Pizza franchise owner. This business card coupon was created to be used in conjunction with a promotion of the Batman movie The Dark Knight. The bearer can redeem the coupon for a discounted pizza.

There are several things about this card which are worthy of note. First notice that this card is printed in full color on both sides. This is rare but in this case very effective.  Also the natural tie-in between pizza and a movie. This is an example of an ideal business alliance.  Does that pizza make you hungry for some? Finally look how much information is on this card yet is is well balanced and does not seem cluttered even with the complex background. This is the result of highly competent graphic designers and printer working together. A lousy printer can really mess up a job like this, with so much fine detail.

Most small business owners could not afford to print such an elaborate card but we can learn from this example that showing the product can create desire; a business card can be a coupon; that we can create an effective alliance that promotes two complimentary business objectives aimed at the same potential customer; and that you can get a lot of information on a card if you know how to do it and your printer can properly execute the final product.

Enlightened Promotion

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