When your customers get their package from you, do they know who you are … ?  This question derived from the link below really struck a chord with me because many online sellers today do not realize one of the fundamentals  of “mail order” (whether traditional or online) is repeat sales. It takes a lot of effort to get a customer to buy from you the first time but much less effort to get them to buy the second time. Many mail order and online sellers consider it a success if they just break even on the first sale because the profit is in future sales now that a customer willing to purchase has been identified.

Did you ever consider why that fancy coffee seller gives you the free coffee maker? It’s because they want to identify you as a coffee drinker.  Now hopefully you will continue to buy coffee from them for years to come. Many sellers offer “loss leaders”, those are items offered for free or at a loss because it’s worth that small investment to get your contact information which provides an opportunity to market more products and services to you.

What does this mean to you as an Ebay, Etsy or other online seller. Simply that you have identified a customer  – – now begin to cultivate that customer into a regular buyer. One very simple technique is to include an opportunity to make an additional purchase within the package you send to your customer. This can be in the form of a catalog or at the very least a business card with your web address to remind them where this purchase was made. This way if they love it they can go back for more or see what else you have. They can also easily share the information with a friend. Don’t be an anonymous supplier – – be a preferred resource.

Many Etsy sellers are crafters who love what they do and are happy to share their creations but you must also think like a business person if you want to have a steady stream of  dedicated followers who will continue to purchase from you and tell their friends. If you have not done so already have some business cards made and include one or two in every package you send out, it’s good advertising and good customer service. If you do not want phone calls you do not have to include your phone number. I suggest your name or your company name at a minimum plus your web address (url), presumably they can get all the information they need online. Really no need to include anything more. This way you encourage them to visit your website if they need any further contact info. To read more on this topic visit this link http://tinyurl.com/o5lzso .  To learn more about marketing yourself inexpensively with business cards visit www.businesscardtobusiness.com.

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