FDI Business Card Example 

This card has good clean visual appeal. The strong black banners on the top and bottom draw attention to additional messages while emphasizing the main body of the card.

Personally I would make the Ft. Lauderdale FL 33301 the bottom line in that group since it is the longest line. It will create a little more white space and be more symetrical. Also since there is no address associated with it then there is probably no need for the zip code so you might consider just making it Ft Lauderdale Florida. This establishes the territory serviced with out looking like the address is missing.

My major issue with the card is that I am unclear what service is offered. I assume it is financial services but what kind and for whom? I can’t help thinking that Financial Destination has some sort of travel component. I think the card needs a tag line like “Helping Individuals Reach Their Financial Goals” or something that plays with the idea of “destination” and the “financial service” that is less ambiguous. After visiting the website I am even more confused. Maybe “Your guide through life’s financial travels” would be appropriate.

Lastly I feel that Debbie’s two titles are competing but I am not sure offhand how to remedy the situation. Debbie is an “Independent Representative”. Is that important for us to know? What I want to know is what can she do for me. In this case “Personal Financial Concierge” might be more helpful.

When designing a card it is a good idea to have a few people who have no idea what you do, look at your card and tell you what they know or what they feel about your company based on the business card alone. Your business card is like an advertisement it should speak for itself.

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FDI Business Card Eval
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