May 3, 2010

Today I had a meeting at Panera in Tinley Park with Jim Thompson of Midwest Consulting Group. I swapped business cards at an event with Jim several months back but we did not actually speak and have not officially met so I am including him as a new contact. In fact for many of you reading this, you might have old business cards laying around, from people like Jim, who might be worth touching base with. It is not a call out of the blue. In this case we attended the same meeting and shared an experience but we just did not get a chance to find out about each other. Jim is a retired attorney from Atlanta now residing in the Chicago area. He specializes in marketing consulting with a particular interest in working with attorneys who are trying to grow their practice. Jim utilizes the “Get Client’s Now” 28 day marketing plan. As he explained it to me, client’s sign up for a 6 week course conducted by teleconference that includes assignments and tasks to be completed which get reported back to your consultant. In this way there is accountability and structure that helps people focus on their goals and objectives. The program also includes a peer to peer cohort that provide a support group as you go through the process.

Interestingly I also received an email today from Mary who has done a few voice-overs for me. She sent this link to an article from CJ Hayden the originator of “Get Clients Now” with these tips.

Here are six examples of situations where you may want to consider saying no.

1. New clients who don’t fit into your niche.
2. Networking with people who have no connection to your niche.
3. Clients who take more effort to pursue than their business is worth.
4. People and organizations who ask for your time but do nothing for you.
5. Ads, promotional schemes, and exhibit space that don’t fit your budget.
6. Flavor-of-the-month marketing approaches.

I like that CJ says these are examples you MAY want to consider. She does not offer these as universal truths or hard and fast rules. I feel it is good advice and questions you should always ask yourself before taking action related to these activities but there are exceptions to all of these rules.

Be sure to read this entire article at and visit Jim’s website to learn specifically abut him and how he might help you GET CLIENTS NOW.

So in regard to my challenge to meet 100 new people in 50 days this is DAY 6 with 14 NEW PEOPLE MET.

Get Clients Now

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