fitness trainerWhether you’re an entrepreneur, work for a health club or you’re a freelance health and fitness trainer you have a responsibility to grow your clientele. If you own your own facility or freelance your very business survival depends on getting new customers. If you work for someone, you may feel it is your employer’s responsibility to find clients; this is partially true. However health and fitness training is a personal service and people ultimately choose who they want to work with based on competency as well as personality and other individual qualities. Ultimately your clients will stay with you because they like what you do for them and they like you. As an employee you have a chance to build your own clientele who will follow you no matter where you go and will be happy to refer you to others. Also if you have a reputation for bringing in business, you are more valuable to your employer and more likely to receive appropriate benefits for your added effort.


Instructor Taking Exercise Class At GymAll forms of advertising and marketing are important but building word-of-mouth referrals is the least expensive and most effective particularly when growing a local service business. The easiest way to instigate referrals is by distributing business cards. Identifying prospects is often the most challenging part of building a business but the good news for you is that everyone with a body is a good prospect for you. People either want to loose weight, get more fit or simply tone up some problem areas. It is likely you can help with all of these objectives. So with this in mind what stops you from giving a business card to absolutely everyone you meet? They have a need and you provide a solution. It is that simple.


Fitness girl gives cardSo how many business cards did you pass out yesterday? How many will you pass out tomorrow? Every encounter with another human being is another opportunity to tell someone what you do. Don’t hesitate. Simply say something like “I’m a fitness trainer. If you would like some assistance toning up or if you know someone who does, here is my card. Have your card ready and don’t oversell. If they are interested they will ask questions. If not they know how to find you with the info on your card. Don’t forget to give cards to your current clients as well. Just say, “I still have some time open and I’m looking for a few more clients. If you know anyone who might like to train with me here are a few cards to pass along.” Your clients like you and they are probably happy to recommend you but sometimes they need a reminder.


Put some cards in your pocket or bag now! Be sure to have at least one with you at all times. Try to pass out three business cards a day on average. In that way you will distribute about 1,000 cards per year. If you spoke personally to 1,000 people and gave each of them a business card do you think that would grow your business?  Don’t wait start today. To learn more business card marketing tips purchase “Turn Your Business Card Into Business.” This is an easy to read 148 page paperback with ideas you can use immediately. Visit to learn more.



Grow Your Health and Fitness Training Business
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