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Recently I needed new business cards. Someone recommended Blockbuster Prints to use and so I did. I went to the website, placed my order and waited. My excitement turned to dismay when I did not get the order on time. I contacted the company in regards to the issue and the responses were astounding, this one being the worst of all of them. The first response from the company was, there was something wrong with the order (although I never received any notification letting me know), the second response was, they did me a favor fixing it without telling me and I should be grateful (goes against their terms and conditions) and when I requested my money back, this response was what I received.

At best, it would be an understatement to say that this is an excellent example of poor communication skills. Are there any circumstances under which a customer should be berated and exposed to such vitriolic abuse? I think not. Maybe this guy was having a bad day but that’s no excuse. I did contact the CEO of the company and got no response from him, nor did I receive any apologies. What do you think? Are there any situations where this is acceptable? Have you ever been exposed to similar email abuse? Share your thoughts.

Lishone Genovese is the CEO of ZLS Publishing. She has been published in 6 books, wrote for a national magazine for 10 years, was one of the youngest people to ever write for the Buffalo Law Review, and was awarded Publishing of the Month, January 2010. Thanks to Lishone’ regular contribution to the book publishing community, her company has been nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influencer award. You can find out more about ZLS Publishing by visiting:

How Not to Respond to Dissatisfied Customer

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