This is an example of how you can turn a radio interview into a web video. Author and video producer Reno Lovison is interviewed about web video production and book trailers for radio program “Money for Lunch” by Bert Martinez.

Prior to your interview set up your webcam and record your side of the conversation. In this example I also used a shotgun mic to get the best audio I could of my side of the conversation. After the interview get a copy of the entire interview audio with both sides of the conversation. For this video I simply played the finished interview and recorded it from the speakers with a digital recorder

Most of the time the audio of the person who is on the phone will not be as good as the person doing the interview, which was the case in this example. So I substituted the higher quality live sound and video I recorded. Then I additionally edited a still picture of the interviewer when ever he spoke.

This is a fairly simple editing job. However if you need help we are available to edit your material for you if you supply your webcam recording. Just contact reno(at) Enjoy the interview.

How to Turn an Radio Interview into a Video

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