There is probably no industry more associated with sales than the auto industry. As such building relationships is a key to success. It seems more and more that selling automobiles is turning into a commodity business but there is still need for experienced and knowledgeable sales associates to guide people through what is a complex, sometimes confusing and increasingly expensive transaction.


When it comes to most sales but particularly large purchases, people do business with people they like and trust. Creating rapport is perhaps the most important first step. Many inexperienced sales people want to build rapport with everyone who walks through the showroom door, but the true winners don’t care about walk-ins because they are anticipating their own customers. In other words successful salespeople do their rapport building outside the showroom. The nice thing about car sales is that nearly everyone you meet is a potential customer. So you can build rapport while you do the things you love to do and while you are living your life. Your primary task is to tell everyone what you do, and to make an effort to meet more people. Then you need to be sure each of those people are willing to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances and that they have the information they need to contact you easily. This is the role of your business card. If you make an effort to pass out one thousand business cards as quickly as you can, you will see your sales soar. To do this effectively in a short period of time you need to be aggressive. Wherever you are, introduce yourself to everyone and tell them your name that you work at Super Sport Best Car In The World Dealership and that you have what they need and want. Everyone needs dependable transportation. Everyone wants a new car. You can help them find what is best for them at a price they can afford. Don’t be selective. Talk to people when you are out socially, when you’re at the grocery store, when your picking your kids up from school, when your in an elevator or when your at a ball game. Everywhere! Then seal the deal with a business card so they know who you are and where to find you.


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