Magnetic business cards are a staple marketing tool for real estate agents and pizza places. The reason real estate sellers like them is that it provides prospects with a magnet they can use to hold children’s drawings, postcards and photos on the family fridge. The presumption is that the realtor’s message will be handy when the home owner needs real estate services. Business card magnets are also popular with pizza places for similar reasons but specifically so you can easily find the number for the local pizzeria when you hungrily open a virtually empty refrigerator. There are many other businesses that use these handy devices, and I personally prefer when they are professionally printed. However there are times when you might need some magnets in a hurry, for instance you have an open house this afternoon and you want something to give visitors so they will remember you. In a case like this Baumgarten’s Magnetic Business Cards with Adhesive back might be just what you need.

These adhesive backed rectangles of magnetic vinyl are 2 x 3.5 inches. You peel off the protective sheet from the adhesive side and attach your own business card. Voila you now have an instant business card magnet. These are not my personally favorite alternative, because I believe they still have a home made quality, but they can be handy for those who need something now or just need a few magnets for some special reason.

Speaking of home made, these are great for craft projects or to keep the kids busy on a rainy day. Have them design a small piece of art, maybe on the back of a business card then use one of these adhesive backed magnets to provide a gift for grandma or simply to decorate the family┬árefrigerator. Baumgarten’s Adhesive Backed Magnetic Business Cards can be purchased online. I have also purchased them locally at Office Depot. They are sold with 25 magnets in a package for just under $ 6.00.

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