Well I finally drank the kool-aid and bought an iPhone right after Thanksgiving and I must say I love it. I have resisted getting a business card app because I can’t decide which is best. I am reaching out to you to please share your ideas and opinions here. Also I am offering a bounty to anyone who will write a 250 word blog post review for me on any of the business card apps for iPhone or android. Tell me which app you are reviewing and when you will have the review ready. I will post it here with a link back to your website or whatever credit you prefer. I will also be awarding a free autographed copy of  “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” to the first 12 people who write a blog article

Some popular apps are SnapDat, BeamMe, FreeContact, myCardFree,BeezCard, Handshake,Fliq, and Dub. I am interested in these as well as others.

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