Guangbiao Chen is a bona fide  Chinese business tycoon and purported to be one of the wealthiest men in China. In fact he is trying to get investors to help him purchase the New York Times.  Chen has garnered a lot of attention for his unusual business card that proclaims him as “Most Influential Person in China”, “China Moral Leader” and “Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China” to name a few.  As a kind of after thought he mentions the fact that he is CEO of Recyclable Material Salvage & Reclamation Corporation from where he derives his wealth.

His card has been declaimed and derided by many as blustering and obnoxious but I think it begs the question: What does your card say about you?  How do you want to be perceived? Is he too aggressive? Are you aggressive enough?

Chen obviously has a strong self image. Maybe he goes too far. Maybe some of this is lost in translation. But the truth is most of us do not even try. Food for thought.


guangbiao chen business card

Is Chen’s Business Card Going too Far?

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