By L. Drew Gerber – Guest Blogger

There’s no question you aspire to take your business to the next level, but how to do it? You may have tried networking, Internet marketing or paid advertising but have you tried to leverage media coverage to grow your business? You want to attract loyal customers and increase your profits — that’s part of the equation — but you long for some magical solution. Let me show you how.

It’s no secret that media coverage is by far the best means out there to take you and your business to the next level. But scoring media coverage alone won’t necessarily translate into record sales or a huge spike in your website’s traffic. Like most things, media coverage is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The trick is how to leverage your newfound exposure to reach your goals.  Leverage it in a way to attract potential clients who won’t wait for you to open the door because they’ll be knocking it down themselves. 

Putting your best foot forward to show the public and your target market you’re the person they should be paying attention to, is what will happen when you successfully leverage your media coverage. Once you start scoring media coverage, keep taking action, nurture your relationship with the media to keep it strong and fruitful. 

Here is how you use your newfound media exposure to build your credibility, and leverage it to find more potential clients and customers. Just as you’re using this media coverage to promote your business, product or service, you should also promote that media coverage to your current and prospective clients to really maximize your exposure. Social networking is great for this! Let’s say you land a segment on CNN.  The next thing you should do is tell the world about it via Twitter. If you give an interview on a local radio station, post a link to it on your Facebook profile. You get the picture. Just as the media promoted you, you’ll want to promote the media to get more exposure for your message. That’s leveraging the media coverage. 

If you’ve scored a television interview where you discussed 5 tips that will aid people in their job search or grow their business, suggest they visit your website where they can learn 5 more tips.  Like any technique you employ to grow your business, leveraging media coverage takes a commitment. But you’ll be hard pressed to find any other strategy that will give you such a large return on your investment. 

More and more people are using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to search for their information. If a prospective client lands on one of your profiles and finds links to your recent media coverage that’s an instant boost to your credibility. 

Promote your media coverage in your newsletters and email blasts. Media coverage is a great way to give credibility to the information you’re providing, while creating another avenue to re-engage past clients and followers, and make your website a valuable resource for people. 

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L. Drew Gerber is CEO of and creator of, a free media connection service for journalists, experts, and publicists.  Contact L. Drew Gerber at: or call him at 828-749-3548.

Leveraging Media Coverage to Grow Your Business
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