Anything that will help you get your business card into the hands of a potential customer or client is a good thing. Something that will encourage them to keep your card and refer to it often is even better. In advertising this called making impressions. Each time a prospect sees your message you have scored another impression. Multiple impressions build your brand and reinforces your marketing message. There are number of business card related promotional products that are available to help you accomplish this goal. A successful promotional product will be retained and referred to often thus providing multiple impressions and reducing your per impression cost. To be conservative, what if you could put your message in your prospects hand for $2.00 and have them refer to it on average twice a week? That would bring your per impression price to less that 2 cents per impression. Not too many advertisers can make that promise.


Zippy Business Card Letter Opener and Staple Remover
Zippy Business Card Letter Opener and Staple Remover

This Zippy letter opener has long been one of my favorite business card related promotional items. It is easy to customize. Simply slip your business card behind the clear protective cover which snaps in place making it virtually impossible to remove the card.  It is a durable and useful item available in a variety of colors. Though I do not recommend doing it too often I have even opened boxes with it. This newest version includes a staple remover as well which will save your clients the pain of paper cuts and broken nails.

I have used these Zippy Letter Openers to promote my company and recipients often remark sometimes years later that they still have it and still use it. Others remark that they always know where to find my phone number because they keep this device on their desk. With the Zippy Business Card Letter Opener and Staple Remover you will make a lasting impression and your prospects will keep your message in the palm of their hand. Check it out.

Make a Lasting Impression

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