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Its not easy to impress people, let alone encourage them to spend their hard earned money on the products or services you offer. If you want to gather a good number of loyal customers, you need to show and tell them that you are worth their time and money. Keep in mind that the economy is tough these days, and with more and more people getting picky and tightening their belts when it comes to their expenses, it becomes critically important to convince people that you worth their investment.

Theres no reason to worry though if you want to get the best exposure for your business. You need not spend a lot of your marketing dollars just to convince people that you can be trusted. There is actually one simple marketing tool you can use to achieve all that – – the business card.

These simple cards are a basic in any business, especially startup businesses. When you are going around introducing your business, these cards are what you need. You need to have a handful of them with you anywhere you go.

But, how do you make your card long lasting and memorable? Putting something unusual or interesting in your card will make it memorable, but there other ways you can do to make it more unforgettable:

Put something unusual in your card such as a flower, ribbon, or even a hole. This can be a creative way to catch attention with your card. If people as what the design in your card means, be sure to give a catchy response. Say, the flower represents how fragrant their home will be if they use your home fragrant, or the hole represents the tear your adhesive can prevent. Just anything creative and catchy to keep your car memorable.

Put a sticker, a photo of yourself, or a stamp to make your card outstanding. You can even add your thumbprint or your signature to your business card templates. You can basically do anything creative to your card. This is your chance to get creative and use your imagination. Anything outrageous will surely help people remember you.

Use a stylish, strange business card holder. The card holder is basically used to keep your card in neat and pristine condition. You would not want to hand out a card that is dingy, right? But aside from keeping your cards neat and organized, your card holder can also be a great conversation starter. If people see how unusual it is they are likely to make a comment and from there you can get the conversation going. This will also tell people how important your cards are for you, so they should do the same when you hand them your card.

You can also practice the Japanese way of handing out a business card: use both your hands. People will surely notice it and see your card as something valuable.

If you know a magic trick, show it to your prospects when handing out your card. This would surely impress them and remember you every time they see your card.

If you receive cards, make sure to look at it for a few seconds. You can make a comment or two and then put it carefully in your card holder. This will show the other person how much you value their card and might as well do the same to your card.

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