Mira Timkin Business CardMy friend Mira Temkin has a great way to help people remember her name. She tells them to remember “Mira Mira on the wall” similar to the famous chant of the wicked stepmother in Snow White. That is not to say that Mira is to be associated with the wicked stepmother, she is far too pleasant a person for anyone to make that mistake.

But associating your name with something familiar that people can remember is a good idea. This is particularly good for Mira and myself who have uncommon names. Mira uses this mnemonic¬† “hook” on her business card which reinforces her distinctive moniker. She also uses a small photo of herself on the card in a border that may be construed as a mirror frame. So when you need an advertising copywriter reflect on this blog post and remember “Mira Mira on the wall” then give lovely Mira a call.


Mira Mira on the Wall

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