By Guest Blogger Karen Carlson, Founder of Text Me Customers

Certainly by now you have seen ads that encourage you to text some word or phrase to a particular number such as Text: “SUCCESS” to “90210”.  What happens next is the registered entity (person or company) related to that message sends you a return offer, discount or message via text back to your phone.

Have you ever wondered if you can do that for your business and how to do it? Well you can and it’s a great way to add value to your business cards. Once you register with an SMS or Short Message Service like we will provide you with a number your clients can send a text to, and an appropriate phrase or phrases that will trigger an automatic response or offer to your prospects or clients.

This is a great way to make your business card more interactive. For instance add a line that says Text: INFO to 90210 or Text: OFFER to 90210  or Text: DISCOUNT to 90210  this prompts your client or prospect to take immediate action and get an immediate response. Right now right where they are.

This strategy is being used successfully by many large companies and now you can use texting to generate more sales using the device that is in the palm of everyone’s hand. It’s a fact! The mobile revolution is here, and now is the time.

Many people use their phone for everything, all day long. Mobile phones are working overtime whether for games, business, banking, communicating or directions. The list goes on and on. Mobile is not the exception these days, it is the rule for people in business well as every individual consumer.

Texting is not new, but how we use texting is changing. Texting is not just for socializing, now it’s business. Every kind of business can use the text platform to connect with their customers, fans, members, employees, with the click of a mouse in real time. Texting is not just chit chatting back and forth, but sharing pertinent information and conducting business via text to people asking for your information.

Consider the staggering statistics of the mobile revolution:
– 4.1 Billion mobile phones worldwide
– 86% of Americans own a mobile phone
– 68.7 million are frequent text users
– 97% of text messages are opened
– 83% are opened in one hour
– 1.56 Trillion text messages were sent last year
– Over 52,000 texts are sent every SECOND
– 90% of marketing emails are not read

These numbers continue to grow and these statistics actually become obsolete the moment they are published. Mobile is truly the way people communicate. 2010 was the year people stopped talking and started texting. Have you ever called someone, they didn’t answer, you texted, and received an instant reply? There is your proof. Need I say more?

You know that mobile is powerful. You know this will do nothing but grow, so don’t waste any more time thinking about it. will guide your business down the path taking you where you want to go. To learn more Text: textmecustomers to 90210 right now!



  • August 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    I have to admit, I never thought about using text message services as a marketing tool. Not a bad idea at all. Thanks for the information I am going to look into this. Business cards are a great way to increase business though. I leave mine everywhere I go. Go out to eat…leave a card with the tip.

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