By Susan Levin – Guest Blogger 

I have found that networking is by far one of the most effective ways that I have garnered business. The Federal Bureau of Labor published a study a few years back that showed 70% of all new business comes from some form of networking

 I would say that 65% of my business comes from my relentless networking. After all marketing your services is about building relationships. People like to do business with people they know and feel comfortable with. 

If you think you are not great at networking you are not alone.  It is not a skill we are born with but can be learned. 

One of the challenges in networking is being able to say what you do in 1 minute or less. It might be called your round robin or your elevator speech.  It is about how you solve a problem or how to help people. Here’s my elevator speech.  Are you an expert in your field with lots of information to pass along? Have using speaking as a part of your marketing plan? I am Susan Levin owner of Speaker Services and I have assisted hundreds of professionals and authors in growing their business and income through speaking.  May I assist you?

 Here are some tips for successful networking that have worked for me: 

– Networking isn’t selling, marketing or cold calling. It’s the development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships.

– Take volunteer positions with organizations that are relevant to your industry. Be a visible leader to whom others can come to for help

– If you are interested in getting to know someone better ask if you can meet for coffee to learn more about their business.

– Become known as a powerful resource for others. When you are known as a strong resource, people remember to turn to you for suggestions, ideas, names of other people, etc. This keeps you visible to them.

– Follow through quickly and efficiently on referrals you are given.

When I started my current business Speaker Services in 1992 the first thing I did was to join a network group. I really had no idea how it worked and was pleasantly surprised that it was a great way to connect with people and see how we could support one another.

Susan Levin is the owner and founder of  She is an international marketing coach for speakers and authors.  Her company brings speakers together with audiences and offers speaker training and video production.

Network Your Way to More Business
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