If you are an active (or even occasional ) networker you probably come back from an event with a handful of business cards. I just attended an event last night which was a multi-chamber mixer in Chicago and met about 12 new people. BTW a multi-chamber mixer is a kind of party attended by members from several different chambers of commerce from around the city. This particular event was held at the Copernicus Center near Lawrence and Milwaukee Avenues which allowed easy access for people from many northside areas.

Okay here’s the idea which I found today from How-to-Phil. He suggests that after you interact with a new person and have received a business card from him or her. You fold down one of the corners to remind you how you felt about this interaction. Phil suggests that if you feel the person is a great contact you fold back the upper right hand corner of the card. If you found the person “unimpressive” you fold back the lower left hand corner of the card. This will give you a clue later in case you can’t remember how you felt and it will clue you towards how to deal with that contact when you get back to your office. This can be really handy at a trade show where you might meet a hundred people over three or four days.

Watch Phil’s short video to get the whole story. Click now.


Organize your business cards after networking event

One thought on “Organize your business cards after networking event

  • October 25, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Great idea. I just attended a multi-chamber event in Milwaukee and walked out with 14 cards. I wish I had this idea at my disposal then.

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