Vanessa Abron put on another very informative program, this time exploring the interaction between PR Agencies and bloggers /influencers. 

The program featured a number of industry professional who represented either Public Relations firms or were themselves bloggers or influencers.

In segments described by Abron as “fireside chats” sets of two (one PR and one blogger) examined their point-of-view on topics related to how agencies and influencers work together to promote brands who are looking for new communications channels that can reach specific target markets.

Guest Speakers Included:

  • Andrea Metcalf (Blogger –
  • Daisy Garcia (Public Relations Pro – Flowers Communications)
  • Evan Marshall (Blogger/Social Media Strategist –
  • Morgan Shelton (Public Relations Pro – Edelman)
  • Natalie Craig (Blogger –

  • Vanessa Abron (Public Relations Pro – Agency Abron)

PR pros are of course looking for influencers, typically bloggers or social media “celebrities” who have a trusted following. The purpose is to get the influencer to mention or otherwise promote a related brand. The placement can be paid, in exchange for product, or it can be just because the influencer wants to talk about the product because it is of interest to her or her audience.

Even though there may be some kind of compensation it is important that the placement be authentic.

It was noted that most of the time agencies are looking for big numbers in order to really push their brand but occasionally they will entertain the use of a micro-influencer if that person has a very specific niche.

There may be little or no monetary remuneration for micro-influencers. However a micro-influencer may get “value” if the brand shares the post with their own followers or fans. This can introduce the influencer to perhaps millions of new people who might in turn follow them thus helping them build their sphere of influence. In industry parlance – – increase their UMV or  unique monthly visitors.

Vanessa always does a top notch job on her events. This one was held at “We Work” on Illinois and Clark Streets. She offered pulled pork sliders, salad and some very yummy mini-cupcakes. There was wine and the venue provided their signature beer on tap.

We Work has a number of locations around Chicago. Avery Redlitz gave me and my buddy Tommy Love a thorough tour of the facility.  They provide a number of affordable and flexible workspace solutions including solo offices, two person offices, multi-person shared offices as well as several conference rooms and flexible drop-in work spaces for the occasional users or those on-the-go.

Of course we also had a chance to do some networking and swap a few business cards before and after the event. I was happy to meet a few new people and get reaquainted with a few people I had met previously.

Be sure to find events that will improve your business knowledge and expand your own sphere of influence. Whether you are a blogger or not you do wield some degree of influence within your network. Consider how you can leverage that influence to your own advantage or to the advantage of your clients or customers for the benefit of all of the players.

Talk about those things that truly interest you and that will benefit your readers, that’s what is meant by being authentic.

Learn more about Vanessa Abron Agency and her PR on  Shoestring Budget. See more pictures at #bloggersmeetprpros.


PR Pros Meet Blogger / Influencers
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