About this time last year I was working on my 100 Day challenge to see how my accomplishments compared to those of the new President Obama over the same period. During the process I had the good fortune to meet Vincent Wright. Vincent works in the job placement industry and also does voice-over on the side. As a result of my most recent announcement that I had undertaken to meet one hundred new people in fifty days, Vincent invited me to investigate his website MyLinkingPowerForum as a place to find new contacts and share my challenge. 

This website is somewhat similar to LinkedIn and Facebook whereby you have a number of different groups you can join for the purpose of interacting and sharing ideas with others. Like most new experiences once you get “the lay of the land” and understand what groups are available it is easy to navigate and join in. Take a look. It’s free to join and seems ideal right now for job seekers and entrepreneurs who might enjoy a smaller networking community or those looking to get it on the ground floor of a new social networking community for the purpose of increasing exposure to their product or service.

 Leave a comment and let others know what you think. Or share another social networking community that you like.

Social Networking Community

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