bigstock-Bread-2988149 I was inspired by a video comment from Dr. Lititia Wright referencing tribe building in regard to crowd funding.  The fallacy regarding crowd funding is that there are bunches of people looking to give away their money  to you.  When in fact most of your funding will come from your “tribe”. That is your fans who want to support what you are doing plus maybe a few folks who are looking for interesting new products and services they want to get involved with.

Every entrepreneur feels they have the hottest new thing that everyone needs to have. But keep in mind that “sliced bread” became popular because it was difficult to slice nice even pieces by yourself. Pre-sliced bread was revolutionary and it solved a problem. So if you think you have the ‘best thing since sliced bread” ask yourself, “Does this solve a problem for every person or at least every family in the modern civilized world?” If so then you might be on to something. If you are somewhat short of that goal then you need to do some serious tribe building.

Building your tribe begins with networking so build your network and increase your tribe and your sphere of influence.

Tribe Building and Crowd Funding

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