April 29, 2010.  It was a beautiful seventy degree day and I needed to get away from my new computer and take a walk. You don’t want to miss a day like this in Chicago at this time of year. I started on my usual route then decided to call  “Video Catnip” Bob to see if he wanted to meet for lunch. We met up in Andersonville which was a decent walk for each of us coming from opposite directions.

After lunch we walked down Ravenswood and Bob mentioned he was aware of this not-for-profit organization dedicated to sound that was nearby and we decided to stop in and check it out. This was perfect because I was feeling bad about not meeting anyone new today to forward my goal of meeting 100 new people in 50 days.

Experimental Sound Studio is a very cool place the purpose of which is to further sound as an art form. This includes the production, presentation and preservation of sonic arts and to integrate these art forms into the community. Since we are both audio visual guys this is both interesting an intriguing to us.

My two new people are Alex and Adam who gave us a tour and explained the purpose of the organization and how we might utilize the facilities to further various projects we discussed.

So the count is day three – 13 new people with 87 to go.

Two Sound Contacts
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