Business card display holderI am not sure what they use on other planets but this is probably called the Universal Business Card Holder because it is the most ubiquitous business card holder on Earth.

The manufacturer claims a card capacity of fifty but I have found that this plastic display will hold about 25 to 30 cards comfortably. It is featured here in black but I have also seen them in white and clear versions. It is well designed with a center of gravity and wide flat legs that keeps it from being easily knocked over. Some business card displays are open on either side which means that cards easily fall out when someone is trying to remove only one. This display holder keeps your cards neat and tidy on your counter or desk. Since they are typically less than fifty cents each you can by a dozen and put them around town so that your business allies can help you distribute your business cards. If you are not currently displaying your cards prominently in your place of business you need to get a few of these. Be sure to bring more than one when exhibiting at trade shows, open houses or other events. This way you can leave your card in more than one place. Making your business card accessible increases the possibility of referrals and repeat business because your clients have the contact information they need. Universal Business Card Holder

Universal Business Card Holder

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