Kevin Daum, Author
Kevin Daum, Author


Kevin Daum – Guest Blogger 

During these tough times, being good or great is no longer good enough; you have to be awesome. When clients don’t sign with your company, there must be a reason they didn’t choose you. Sure, we’ll cover it by saying things like…“It’s the economy.”  Or “Their situation changed,” but they did move forward with somebody right?! More likely you just didn’t connect in a meaningful, compelling manner and your competition did. Perhaps you didn’t know how to say the right things to the right people in the right way. Or worse, you didn’t recognize that they weren’t all that interested before investing your resources. 

Most of us in these situations show up and throw up all the reasons why people should take what we have to offer without ever considering whether or not our product, service or idea actually benefits the particular, immediate pain suffered by the prospect. Partly of course because we believe that everyone needs what we have to offer. So how can you more effectively make a memorable connection with potential clients?

Establishing Compelling Messaging is the first step to successful promotional efforts. You have to establish empathy by identifying their pain. It lets the buyer know you get them.  Then you can provide an objective solution (too early to sell them just yet). Then once they trust your understanding of their problem, you have to clearly differentiate yourself. 

  • Empathy – What is the pain your business will solve? It’s not about what you want, it’s about what they need, whether it’s potential investors or customers.
  • Objectivity – Why try and force yourself into a situation where your business venture clearly will not fit.  Be objective about what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Differentiation – There are lots of people with smart ideas. What makes yours different and unique? Unfortunately, great service and experience aren’t true differentiators since your competitors say the same thing.
ROAR Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle
ROAR Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle

You have gone to a lot of trouble to create an awesome solution and bring it to your customer.  Don’t waste your efforts!  Approach the opportunity by making it about them and you’ll likely find a client ready to let you solve their problem.

 Kevin Daum is the Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle and the national columnist for Smart Business Magazine.  He can be found at

When Selling – Make It About Them
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One thought on “When Selling – Make It About Them

  • July 23, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Kevin, I’ve been debating whether to continue some of the services I provide, but your article helped me to see that, yes, people eventually respond to honesty and caring. I especially appreciate your saying “What is the pain your business will solve?” What an amazing way to clarify goals! Thanks.

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